Sharing $scope between controllers in AngularJS

If our application needs access to another controller’s $scope, we probably are doing something wrong and we need to re-think our problem. But anyway it’s possible to access another controller’s $scope if we store it within a service.

A service provides an easy way for us to share data and functionality throughout our app. The services we create are singletons that can be injected into controllers and other services, making them the ideal place for writing reusable code.

    .module('myApp', [])
    .factory('shareService', shareService)

    function shareService() {
      var memory = {};
      return {
          store: function (key, value) {
              memory[key] = value;
          get: function (key) {
              return memory[key];

And now, in order to store the $scope in the service:

function FirstCtrl ($scope, shareService) {'FirstCtrl', $scope)
    $scope.variableOne = 'First Controller Variable';


Alternatively, if we are using controller as we can:

function FirstCtrl (shareService) {

    var vm = this;'FirstCtrl', vm)
    vm.variableOne = 'First Controller Variable';


Now, to access this $scope from another controller:

function SecondCtrl ($scope, shareService) {

    $scope.getOne = function() {
      $scope.resOne = shareService.get('FirstCtrl').variableOne;


See it in action